Highlander Podcast #1!

Did you know that our format does NOT have a podcast yet? NOT ANYMORE!

We would like to introduce you to our latest project, forged in Finnish-German Highlander friendship: Premium Podcast Power!! Our team:

Juuso Kähkönen / Merchant Scroll Dude – Moderator, known for his cool blog “Combo Cabal” and content creator for Poromagia

Thomas Stier / Ma Qi – Moderator, as a looooong-time Council Member primarily responsible for exciting Council News section and Banning discussions

Stephanie Possum / Dr. Opossum – Planning and Script, also Council Member and the silent Master Mind in the background.

We aim for an episode about once a month. In our first run we discuss the last big tournaments, go into the current Meta and summarize what has happened around Highlander in recent weeks. If you want us talking about specific topics – Ship it! The next episode brings Santa Claus in late December for nice Highlander enthusiasts!