Online European Highlander FNM

Dominik Bro is organizing an online Highlander FNM every week, during this difficult times. The Events take place on Friday at approx. 20:00 CET on a Discord Server. There will also be a Facebook post every week in the Highlander Facebook Group

Probably the easiest way to visualize the “tables” is via Facebook private messages, in which you can do video calls. You can of course use something else like Skype or (my personal recommendation) (you have a free room when you register, people can join without registering an account).

You need a webcam which you can tilt onto the desk before you in order to stream your board state. If you want to test your setup, shoot me a private message. Webcam Magic requires a certain level of trust, of course, but I think we can all play fair and square (there’re no prizes for the time being anyway…)

If you want to participate, please put your name, DCI (which I can MAYBE use in cooperation with an LGS), and preferred streaming method in this list:

Please join this FB group if you haven’t already:

The rounds are 1 hour each and time starts once I post the match-ups. The rules are the basic European Highlander rules as per the official resource.