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TaZi 3-0 Agent007

I commented the videos with Payron and they can be found on my youtube channel or at
TaZi 3-0 Agend007

games will be online on my youtube channel soon.

I also organized the channel a bit and uploaded the games against silberhase a second time (some people where reporting the links didn't work and I tried to repair that) and round 3 against Vazdru are also online now.
TaZi 2 - 1 Agent007

As always I'll upload commented replays on youtube in the next days.
my deckcode: 7vrrcn8l
TaZi 3 - 1 Kodobeast

first three games where quite exciting and the last one was lame due to a mull to 5. Videos follow.
TaZi (Scapeshift) 3 - 1 Silberhase (Jund Madness)

die Reports werden gerade erstellt =)
@piepser: shall we just play today at 9pm?
TaZi 2 - 1 DerStefan82

Report follows soon
hi firestarter, I send you a personal message with my available times