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Off-Topic / Re: // Rating
11-05-2017, 11:27:50 PM
I wrote an excel sheet that keeps track of all players over various games they play.

If anyone else is interested, just write me a PM
I finally found the time to comment my games. The first game was quite long and the replay wasn't saved. In the end I conceded as randoms win was probable and I ran out of time. I made 2 videos of the other two games:
TaZi 3-0 Vazdru

Game 1
I win the die roll and keep my hand consisting of: Mystical Tutor, 2 mountains, island, preordain, ancestral vision, venser. The hand is questionable, but ancestral vision and mystical tutor are very strong cards, and I hope to smooth the draw enough with the preordain. Gerry keeps Treetop village, forest, wall of roots, syvan caryatid, farseek, spell pierce, crush of tentacles. Also not the best hand, as it has no pressure and might also be a bit clunky, if no lands come from the top.
T1: Island, suspend vision
T2: preordain finds brainstorm+forest, play forest
   fetch for tropical, play caryatid
T3: brainstorm finds bring to light, miscalculation and land.
   forest, wall of roots, farseek->underground see
T4: I have to get rid of some lands, that were put back with brainstorm last turn and so I play mystical tutor in the upkeep to search for force of will.
   Gerry plays fact of fiction in his mainphase which I let resolve as I think I have to play with tempo from now on. I split regrowth and 2 elves against brainstorm and vendilion clique. Gerry takes Brainstorm and clique. As he has no land, he plays brainstorm but still finds no land and is almost tapped out.
T5: The vision resolves and I draw: 2 lands, treasure cruise and my own clique. I don't want to tap myself out and so I play a land and wait with my own clique until gerry's turn.
   In the upkeep gerry plays mystical teachings. At this point I should have played some kind of counterspell (maybe venser) to gain some more tempo, however I let the teachings reasolve and gerry searches for force of will and also draws a land. EOT I try to play my clique which resolves after gerry plays his own clique which also resolves as I hope to find some replacement for bring to light with the treasure cruise. I see: Seasons Past, force, mystical tutor , primal command and spell pierce. I take the force to gain tempo
T6: I play chain lightning on gerry's clique, atk with my clique to bring him below 18 and add another 2 lands to the board with kodamas reach
   Gerry flashback teachings to find force in his mainphase as he knows of my venser.
T7: I play treasure cruise and find some more counters.
   Overgrown battlement
T8: atk gerry down to 10 but havn't found any tutors for scapeshift.
   Now gerry starts wrestling down some of my counterspells with seasons past <- venser <- cryptic command <- miscalculation <- force <- force. This leaves me with snapcaster in hand while gerry still has primal command and seasons past.
T9: I topdeck scapeshift and just win

Game 2
I keep 2 lands, remand, ancestral vision, intuition, skyshrouds claim, serum vision which looks pretty solid. Gerry starts with treetop, island, fetch, brainstorm, wall of blossoms, garruk wildspeaker, kitchen finks
T1: Gerry starts with treetop
   I fetch for tropical and suspend vision
T2: island, wall of blossoms
   serum vision, stomping ground
T3: fetch tropical, kitchen finks -> 21 life
   misty rainforest
T4: brainstorm, farseek <- remand
   skyshrouds claim -> breeding pool, forest keeping up mana for spell pierce
T5: tec edge -> breeding pool, farseek
   vision resolves, finds mystical which is played to find force
T6: Gerry tries garruk which resolves. I play intuition eot to get 3 additional damage via bolt or extraland (scapeshift was drawn in between)
   Scapeshift resolves with force and pierce backup

Game 3
Gerry mulls 2 fetches, forest, wall of blossoms, dig through time, seasons past, mystical teachings. This is debatable and I'm still not sure what the correct decision is. Anyway the next seven have wasteland as the only land and so he keep the following six: demonic tutor, toxic deluge, wall of roots, True Name Nemesis, fetch, clique. After I ship my first 7 (which where 5 lands, 2 clobo spells) I keep valakut, arc trail, ancestral vision, fetch, brainstorm, island, treasure cruise.
T1: fetch
   island, suspend vision
T2: draws a second land, wall of roots
   Brainstorm, fetch, suspend search for tomorrow
T3: Demonic->tropical, sylvan caryatid
   land, true name nemesis (this makes gerry's deluge usefull but also costs tempo)
T4: Deluge for 1, breeding pool untapped -> 16, true name nemesis
   search for tomorrow-> mountain, vesuva comes as tropical
T5: Gerry adds courser of kruphix to the board and sees goyf on top.
   My vision resolves and after the draw, gerry plays his clique which reveals: toxic deluge, demonic, mystical teachings, treasure cruise, izzet charm, lightning bolt, 2 lands. After he thinks for a moment and takes deluge (which would have killed his 5 creatures and left him with no hand, no nonlands) I say, that I don't see any outs for him (as the curser reveals the next draw) and he agrees and concedes.

I want to thank Gerry and all other players of the Ladder Turnament for the good games. It was quite thrilling most of the time.

see you all in the league =)
TaZi 2-1 r4nd0m

report follows
TaZi 2:0 lulus   

we played in real life and Gerry wrote down the plays. Unfortunately he didn't recorded the starting hands.

Game 1
We both keep our first seven cards and I start with Portent. Julius who is playing a Ramp deck with red splash has an arbor elf. On his second turn, I play miscalculation, to counter his Joraga Treespeaker. On my third turn, I sneak in a dack fayden and hope that not too much fat will hit the table. Polukranos enters the game on turn 3, which is big, but can still be handled by chain lightning and forked bolt. A green zenith is countered and on my turn 5 I can resolve a Stormbreath dragon, to put some pressure on the table. Lulus resolves sylvan library and deathrite shaman. I cycle into vendillion clique with dack and think, that I'm safe now, but in the drawstep on his sixth turn, he has primeval titan and woodland bellower in hand, which are both pretty good. I take the titan, and win the very close race against the bellower and his friends (being fierce empath into craterhoof behemoth)

Game 2
We both go down to six and Lulus starts with forest into quirion ranger. I have Grim lavamancer and thing in the ice in the next two turns. On turn 3 he plays Polukranos again but this time, I sandbagged a Karakas to bounce him. A bit more problematic is the bloodbraid elf into scavenging ooze on the next turn as I'm quite low on cards in the graveyard. However after taking some hits from these guys, the thing in the ice flips and eventually wins the game with the resulting tempo.
TaZi (Scapeshift) 3 - 1 Random (Academy Combo)

wie immer wird es in den kommenden Tagen kommentierte Versionen auf YouTube geben. Für alle die es nicht abwarten können und sofort sehen wollen mit welchem Irrsinnsluck dieses Scapeshift deck nun schon wieder gewonnen hat. Findet ihr in meiner Dropbox die Replays:
bin dabei mit deckcode: cc9jtgjp
TaZi 3-0 GoblinPiledriver

I will comment the games again with Payron. Until then I moved the replays into my dropbox:

(however the games where quite onesided with rather weak draws on the Goblins side)
TaZi 2-1 lulus

Game 1
I win the die roll and keep a hand with 3 lands, three visits, search for tomorrow, bolt and witness. Julius takes the free mulligan and keeps 2 forests, rofellos, quirion ranger, xenagos, thrun and acidic slime.
The game starts the obvious way with, search, ranger, three visits and rofellos who eats my bolt. (Preventing 8 mana on turn 3 o.O). On his fourth turn, Julius has a Thrun. I play Dig through time eot (finding force and a blue card) and a green zenith for Titania on my turn. I force xenagos and draw clutch of the undercity for the win.

Game 2
Julius starts with Forest, Cradle, mana elf, ooze, acidic slime, kitchen finks and primal command. I keep 3 lands, mana leak, spell pierce, force and arc trail. He starts with his elf and follows with kitchen finks. I arc trail the finks and the mystic. I also find a chain lightning for the ooze. However I can't do anything against his mistcutter hydra for 2 and also draw lands for the next 5 turns. Eventually the critters kill me while still having 3 lands in hand. Maybe I could have survived longer by forcing the finks, but who knows.

Game 3
I keep 3 lands (no UU) with drain, goyf, mystic confluence and scapeshift. Julius takes a free mull and starts with fetchland, cradle, thespian stage, birds, scryb ranger, decimator of provinces and nissa worldwaker. We play birds, goyf, scryb ranger <- mana drain. Then Julius resolves Nylea, god of the hunt and Nissa Worldwaker, which makes the thespian stage into a 4/4 guy. I decide to play my confluence, bouncing both creatures and kill the planeswalker with an atk from the goyf and my nissa. They get replayed on the next turn, but I bought enough time to play land nr. 7 and scapeshift for 18 damage.
I would suggest meeting Sunday 9 pm
TaZi 2-0 GoblinPiledriver

Game 1
I take a free mulligan to keep a hand with mystical teaching, m tutor, skyshrouds claim, gitaxian probe and 3 lands. Jochen keeps 3 lands, goyf, anafenza, woodland wanderer and liliana of the veil.
I win the die roll and start with the probe that draws a land. On my next turn, I draw fire/ice which taps a land, so that the goyf is delayed for a round. Round three I play the drawn Jace, Vryn's Prodigy to force jochen to play liliana which delays a beater for another turn. Turn four its time for skyshrouds claim and a Jochen still found no disruption, I can just tutor for Scapeshift with mystical tutor two turns later.

Game 2
Jochen starts with a hand containing elspeth, arc trail, path to exile, lotus cobra, eladamris recall and 2 lands. I keep 4 lands, including wasteland, chain lightning, eternal witness and true name nemesis and think of fighting conventional with this hand.
When Jochen starts with a mere bayou without an elf and I draw farseek, I thought to give it a shot and wasted his bayou. He played a treetop village from the top. On the turn after that, he tries a lotus cobra. I'm not sure, how my plan worked to far, so I use my chain lightning to kill the cobra and suspend a search for tomorrow.
On his fourth turn, he casts eladamris call for a bird and doesn't play another land. At this point I knew that I had a good chance in this game. I played my true name and planned to witness for wasteland on the next turn. He played his bird and I got lucky with a topdecked bolt that would have killed the bird if Jochen hadn't pathed him in response. While wasteland took out his treetop and the nemesis started the beating.
Jochen drew two consecutive lands and was able to play kitchen finks and woodland wanderer. However I fetched a mystic confluence with my merchant scroll and played a goyf which sealed the game two turn later.