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TaZi 2-0 derStefan82

Game 1
He starts by thoughtseizing me taking mana leak from a hand, that also contained croprotation, TNN, 3 lands and sakura tribe elder. I play land and he has expedition map on his next turn. I cast the elder and sac it for blue, while he goes for Thespian stage with the map. My TNN is eaten by an innocent blood and nothing happens for like two turns. Then I draw vesuva and copy his stage, thinking, that when crop rotating for my DD he has no use for his Stage (which is wrong ^^). So, when I got my DD and want to make a token, he also makes a token and I'm a bit puzzled. Luckily I topdeck merchant scroll which gets countered but this is finally the task of a snapcaster I drew on my second turn after the Thoughtseize. I flashback the scroll for repeal and atk for the win.

Game 2
He starts with expedition map and follows with an impulse. The map searches for Stage again which is played on turn 4 after tec edge hit the table on turn 3. I decided to play my clique at the end of his fourth turn which is maybe wrong, as he drops crucible in his mainphase. Nevertheless the clique starts a nice beatdown and I play kodamas reach and scyshrouds claim for additional basics. Meanwhile he also found DD and stage (one drawn and one with the map) which is a problem in the long run. At the moment I still have mystical teachings which find repeal again and save my ass once. The second attempt for a token comes faster as he found fastbond, but I still have multiple ways to delay the token and win the race with the clique.
I suggested the Berlin guys should upload their lists had the following reasons:
- before my post, I read the full 3 pages here and there were some statements like "if we would post anytime, Paul is winning with the deck in FNM, you would see whats going on". that made me think "ok, then maybe you just do so"

- I checked the last 10 or so FNMs from Berlin on mtgpulse and there was not a single copy of the artifact deck in there (i know, its in the MGM turney)

hi guys, I got some questions and suggestions

- it would be nice, if somebody could send me a copy of this 5c artifacts list. (just pm me)

- I played some games vs. eggs and also goldfished with it a lot. I think its viable, but you are quite dependent on how good your opp. knows what you are trying to do (which is nothing I like to rely on). So eggs is ok for me at the moment.

- brief comment on the league performance of Silberhase (as mentioned by Vazdru). There were two 2:0 games included, where one of it, was against monoB which is not really a viable deck I think, and one match was against Gerry's 7-9 year old son with a deck thats also not really viable. (that said, this data is only a very limited indication and not statistically significant. Nevertheless it is an indicator)

- I would encourage the Berlin players to upload their FNM results to mtgpulse

- I think the format is perfectly healthy at the moment. (For me it would even be ok, to unban stoneforge mystic and natural order)

- Could it be possible to easily adjust a 4c blood deck to this MU (taking in tidehollow sculler, reclamation sage, some other hatebears)?

- I think any ban that makes 4c blood better is a bad ban (like mana drain for example).

- I somehow could imagine a ban of tainted pact as being helpful, as its mostly played in 4c Blood and helps this decktype by far the most.
I would join such a league with mode A (no fetches)
until which date do we have to post our deckcode?
do we have the decklists of our opponents in the semi-finals?
TaZi 3-2 Vazdru

game 1
we both take a free mulligan and I start with a top. Next turn comes treetop village and I response to a gitaxian probe of gerry with a brainstorm to hide my savage knuckleblade. He goes on with a duress and takes my force. The knuckleblade next turn resolves but gerry has a toxic deluge right away. I start building up a DD combo with a sylvan scrying for thespian stage, as I drew DD from the top. Unpleasantly gerry has allready a karakas which I have to tap down with port for my Marit Lage token not to be bounced immediately. So evntually I produce the DD token eot, but Gerry has the best answer in form of tribute to hunger, which not only kills the 20/20 flyer but also gives him 20 life which makes a favorable race with my treetop against his TNN quite unfavorable. Nevertheless I start looking for Scapeshift combo, which I find some turns later. Meanwhile the TNN starts kicking me and in the end its very close with counterwar about my tutor and gerry topdecking a removal for my maze to atk with his venser too.

game 2
The first play of the game is my sylvan library which slips under the counterwall. On the turns 3 and 4, this wall prevents Goyf and Solemn Simulacrum to join the team while Gerry is able to resolve tasigur. This guy becomes a serious threat, which is even flamtongue-proof. I play yavimaya elder which chumpblocks and draws a card. Then I play intuition eot for jace, bring to light and primeval titan. I get the jace, which bounces the Tasigur and the library finds a lightningbolt for the mishra which would otherwise have taken out my Jace right away. In this way I have a Jace on an empty board which is able to seal the game, after some Shenannigans

game 3
We start with land go for three turns. On his fourth turn, gerry tries a trinket mage, which I want to misscalculate. Gerry spell snares this, but I have spellpierce and want to play my huntmaster on the next turn, but even then, I havn't drawn the fourth land. Gerry plays Jace, I play huntmaster, but then the madness begins, as Gerry plays in short intervals treasure cruise, wurmcoil engine (which trades with the huntmaster), dig through time, hymn and liliana. Eventually I sit there with 4 lands and no hand, while he still has the nuts and I concede.

game 4
I start with serum visions to find some lands, and gerry plays chrome mox land and baleful strix, I find the lands, and see with peek, that he has jace and force, where I have not even one answer to the upcomming jace. But I topdeck vendillion clique which gets forced and I find bolt the next turn. But Gerry doesn't play the anticipated jace, but instead topdecks shadowmage infiltrator and plays him. I suspend ancestral vision and gerry atks with the infiltrator. But he still refuses to play the jace, so I bolt the infiltrator which is in fact only a bounce, as gerry has riptide lab. Nevertheless I'm back on the board with a solemn, that is able to block the mage, which would soon come back. Now I try mystical teachings for the combopieces, but the mystical tutor gets dimir charmed. Now the infiltrator is back, and jace somehow found its way to the table. I have found snapcaster with teachings flashback and are now looking for backup. I hope to find more business than he finds counterspells, which evetually works out, after an epic counterwar and me on 2 life.

game 5
Gerry keeps a fast hand, with 2 lands, mox diamond, thoughtseize, mana drain, force, miscalculation. The thoughtseize takes away the mana leak from my hand which has also into the north , solemn, cultivate, mystical tutor, and 2 lands. He counters into the north and three visits, and I can't find a third land to play the cultivate. Luckily he also draw no further mana and so, we are stuck for 2 turns. then Cultivate resolves and he also finds lands now. I tap out the next turn for solemn, which gets killed instantly. Now Gerry taps out for Glen Elendra and I see some serious problem coming, but I have venser which gets forced. I try to counter the force, so, the elendra gets her first -1/-1 counter. I can't play my scapeshift with Elendra on board, but I have 2 treetop villages which start beating gerry down to five, when he slams Wurmcoil engine with 1 blue mana open for the archmage. On my turn I draw 3 cards with sylvan library, ponder, merch. scroll for fire/ice, fire ice his elendra and have the remaining 4 mana to scapeshift him to death.

alright, 5 epic and close matches, which were quite entertaining for both of us.
TaZi 2:1 Peddy_Frost

game 1
Peddy wins the roll, takes a free mull and I go down to six.
He keeps: fire/ice, spell snare jace, TMS, pack rat, mana leak
I keep: 3 lands, duress, thoughtseize and abrupt decay
We trade spells a bit without anything entering the field but my last card Sorin, Lord of In. sticks and starts to produce value. He is eventually handled but only after making an emblem and two tokens. His ancestral vision resolves and the new business also handles parts of my board, but there are still some guys nagging on his lifetotal and he can't stop them all.

game 2
I free mull and keep a slow hand with: 2 lands, demonic, vindicate, lingering souls, siege rhino, huntmaster
He keeps: 2 lands, jace Vryns.. , wear/tear, goblin rabblemaster, clique, snapcaster
He starts with jace, and I play demonic for plateau. He plays rabblemaster which is killed by vindicate, so the jace flips two turns later and I can't find another land. So I'm pretty slow and he can counter the first spell I play, when I finally found my lands. He has played a top in the meantime but it looks like he has only crap on top. Eventually the game almost stalls, when I get too greedy and try to kill his jace with a flyer atk. He has double burn on top of his library which finishes me off.

game 3
I keep a nice hand: 2 lands, elf, deathrite, loxodon, eladamris call, falkenrath
He takes a free mull and has: karakas, volcanic, swords, remand, timely reinforcements, monastery mentor
Though he disables my hand by killing the elf and never playing a fetchland. He in fact doesn't draw any lands at all. So do I, but I manage to play a sylvan caryatid and can supply some of my threads. He puts still puts up a real fight, with arc trail and other removal, but in the end its not enough without any other lands.
TaZi 3:0 r4nd0m

game 1
We both take our free mulligan and keep the following:
me: 6 lands, personal tutor (as I know his decklist, and playing lands vs. control is good)
he: 3 lands, brainstorm, tithe, repeal, mystic confluence
I start with brainstorm, which draws another 2 lands, but after shuffling it gave me a Port and a mana leak. I draw top on the next turn and are able to counter back to basics with mana leak. So I now have the plan to just play 7 lands and then combo when my opp. is tapped out. This plan is getting better, as a huntmaster of the fells forces r4nd0m to react. I also draw three visits and can win "out of nowhere" when he taps out for elspeth.

game 2
He keeps 4 lands, spellpierce, miscalculation and gideon
I take a free mull and keep: probe, bring to light, goyf, bolt, mana drain, thespian stage, mountain. So my hand is a bit shacky, but I'm on the draw and have a very powerful draw, when lands are showing up. The first turn the gitaxian probe draws a polluted delta and all problems are gone. I can now play aggro control with goyf, and drain, which are later joined by huntmaster and venser. He draws oust and council's judgement and miracles terminus, but it's not enough.

game 3
he keeps: 5 lands, preordain, lat nams legacy.
I keep: nissa, merchant scroll, miscalc, cryptic command, island, vesuva, badlands
We both start slowly. He is digging for the right cards, with preordain, legacy, ponder, see beyond while I draw green mana and slowly throw baits for eventual counters (sylvan library, nissa). The library gets bounced but I miscalculate the remand for the nissa and she sticks. In the meantime I also draw scapeshift and cryptic command. The back to basics is also quite useless as I got too many basics. Eventually Nissa flips but I also got enough counterbackup for a scapeshift.

I also got the replays. Maybe we should set up a dropbox where everyone can also upload his replays.
partly due to my honeymoon holidays we came to the conclusion to play my match vs. r4nd0m one day after the deadline. I hope this is OK for everyone.
I'm on honeymoon in the carribean sea the next two weeks, so I will use my vacation extra time, as I already told Gerry.

besides that, the missing report, which is a bit shorter, as we played with real cards o.O and didn't took any notes during the match.

TaZi 2:1 Vazdru

Game 1
Vazdru keeps 3 lands, 2 planeswalker for 4 and a natural order. I start with voice of resurgence which kills Vazdru's Caryatid in combat with the help of dromars command. Then I play knight of the reliquary and lotus cobra. Gerry manages to kill both but never finds the fourth mana source and dies rather fast.

Game 2
After a few trades the only nonland cards on the board are my Goyf which is locked down by Vazdru Ajani. We both have no cards in hand, when Vazdru draws Titania and I draw abrupt decay, which handles only 5 of the 15 power titanias supplies =), hence I'm dead.

Game 3
Gerry keeps 6 cards which contain only 1 land. I can't handle his deathrite shaman, but I vindicate one of his lands the turn before and then have Hymn, witness, hymn which kills his hand. Eventually I have an aristocrat which is already quite nice, but is even followed by a hardcast primeval titan which forces a concession.