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Vazdru - Firestarter 0-2

In game 1 I had a very good Hand with Turn 2 Crop Rotation into Academy with some Artifacts. In Turn 3 I played Capture of Jinghzou and Tezzeret. Vazdru gave up.
In Game 2 Vazdru countered the Candelabra but had nothing but BTB. I tutored for chain, which eot resolved and Slavered him. My Yawgmoth´s Will was good enough to kill him and he gave up.

Good games!
Deckcode is 9kr2g0io
Wäre dabei,
Deckliste und so folgen übermorgen, ok?
Wie bekommst du das Geld?

Sehe ich, was die anderen spielen?

Muss ich noch irgendetwas tun?

Gruß Patrick

Firestarter (Stax) - Peeler (Naya)

Close Games, had fast hands, he was screwed on white in both games.
My Security deckcode is gf9uhtbj.
Who is my opponent?
Greets Patrick
Sry, no time at the moment!
Firestarter (4c Survival) - no stress (RDW) 2-0
First game was very close, since i pernicious deeded him and had beatdown with finks and loxodon Hierarch.
Second one he had no pressure on board playing vortex, with cobra i had plenty of mana playing gifts, destroying his enchantment, i sworded his hellspark elemental with last mana and played baneslayer from my opening hand. i showed him 2 counters and he gave up.
Thanks for the games
Firestarter (4c Survival) - Olord mono r 2-0

Firestarter (4c-Survival) - jfk (ww) 2-0

no time to write a big report
I´ll participate, too.
Firestarter (4c-Survival) - Nastaboi (Stax) 2-0
Sry, no time to write a report.
Both games were a short battle, he never came in Wildfirezones.
Thanks for the games
I have to say that his connectfailed three times before this game situation, so I tried to play a deck witch could win a shorter time. (30 Minutes)
Sorry for that. But there is no point that does not allow to change decks, or is it? There were several days between the rematch.
Firestarter (Reanimator) - seveneyes (discard rwB) 2-0

sorry, no time to write a big report, the games were short an i wo in turn 6 or 7.