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Regular round time in HL-tournaments?

Started by pyyhttu, 11-08-2008, 01:03:35 PM

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pyyhttu doesn't instruct on any standard round time that should be used so I am interested to know: is the round time something that the tournament organizer gets to decide? If yes, when should the players be informed of it: when the tournament is announced or just before the tournament has actually started?

I am especially interested to hear from the German HL-tournament organizers: how do you decide the tournament's round time or is there just some time allotment you generally prefer to use? What would you recommend?

Or are there any plans to standardize this and document at in the future?

So far here in Finland the round time in tournaments has varied between 50 and 70 minutes and this has raised some minor confusion among the players.


just a side note:

HL games usually take a lot of time, specially in real life (a lot of shuffling, specially if u play fetchs). its very rare for me to complete a 3 game match, in 1 hour.. But this is just my opinion, i have no idea of how long players were given to play in the last couples of GP's


On all 5 HL GPs which we offered so far we had to cut down round time to 50 minutes for a best of three match, sometimes resulting in a quite high number of draws due to players being unable to complete game 3. This most often happens in control mirrormatches of course. Cutting down round time to 50 minutes is simply a requirement to be able to complete the GP in just one day (Swiss + top 8).

Players should certainly be informed of round times long before the tournament day because this could influence their deck choice.


Thanks for the time answering, this explained it all!

The reason I had to ask was that we've now organized a bunch of tournaments and the round time so far has been almost always 70 minutes. Now, this led slowly to an impression in the player base that the 70 minutes time *might* actually be a standard defined in the format's rules somewhere to fix the time required by shuffling, tutoring and handling a big deck.

Suggestion: Maybe it could be worthwhile to add a subheader to's notes section or somewhere about the round times and that the organizer should inform the players before hands of the tournament's round time?