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Standing Orders Season XXX - Win a Mana Drain

Started by Vazdru, 28-05-2017, 11:14:02 AM

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Tournament Organizer: Vazdru

Judge: hitman

Modus: Swiss-Rounds best-of-three, play-offs best-of-five

Rules Enforcement Level: Regular

Starting Fee: EUR 6

One deck: The deck code (Cockatrice) has to be posted before the tournament starts. Decks can't be changed during the whole tournament (deck codes become locked as soon as the tournament starts).

Matchplay: Matches have to be played within a period of about two weeks. The staff announce a deadline for each round at Sunday, 9 pm CET. If both don't appear, it is a draw. If only one player appears he gets the win if he used the "[HLL]Meeting Point" for match-dating, otherwise it's a draw. (Note: Thereby using the Meeting Point instead of PM or that kind is highly recommended!)

Report: The winner of each match has to post the result and (at least a small) report as soon as possible but no later than one week after the deadline of this round. The looser can take this over or can write a report too if he likes to.

Vacation: Each player can announce a vacation period of 1 week once during the whole tournament (Swiss + Top X). In that case the period for playing the match prolongates for everyone by 1 week. A matchplay-period can't be prolongated more than once. The staff will announce a new deadline for the round in case a vacation period has been requested.

Prices: You will find the price-pool over here: It will be updated and become locked as soon as the tournament starts.

Rounds: Depends on number of registered players:
2: 1 round
3-4: 2 rounds
5-8: 3 rounds
9-16: 4 rounds
17-32: 5 rounds
33+: 6 rounds

8-16 players: play-offs TOP 4
17+ players: play-offs TOP 8

Deck-Building: Current Banned List at the beginning of the tournament. Unban Watch List cards are unavailable.

Decklists must be send to hitman before the tournament starts. Top 4 rather Top 8 will be published before play-offs.

The results and match-report of the last swiss round will be gathered by hitman. He will publish the results as soon all results are available.

Higher Swiss Standing
chooses the starting player in g1 in play-offs.

If you have any questions, contact Vazdru or hitman.

The small print: In case Cockatrice becomes unavailable for more than 2 weeks, the tournament would become annulled and everyone get back their starting fee (no prices). I hope and expect this won't happen.
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