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Big Kahuna 2018

Started by Maqi, 10-06-2017, 06:28:54 PM

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Detailed factsheet will follow!

Everything is in the video though. Just take a look. :)


The TIKI CUP - 2nd tournament of the BIG KAHUNA Series - will take place on October 21st, 2017.

Location will be Frankfurt am Main - JK Event Store.

Details will follow soon.


JK Event Store
Gwinnerstraße 36, Frankfurt
October 21st
Reg. 10.30 / Start 11.30

October 21st is coming closer... Don't miss out on some Tiki Highlander action because this one will be special in several ways:
- It'll be the first big Highlander tournament including Ixalan cards. Chart your course, mate!
- First tournament with new Bannings/Unbannings in effect!
- First tournament with the new Planeswalker rules. Prepare for some nifty triple Gideon boards!
- Team up with two friends to win a special TEAM prize!
- In addition to the usual live stream and feature matches we plan to have player interviews and deck techs this time around!

Team Competition will be like this:
- band up with two partners to build a team of 3
- each member pays 3€ starting fee
- the best placing team (combined average place of team members) grabs the whole pot in JK store credit!
Easy add-on to the regular tournament and fully optional. Don't miss out to participate!
Far below the earth
Where the demons hunt the souls of those that sleep
In the city of the Vazdru and the Drin
Where the black flame burns inside the palace fountain.


Reminder! This Saturday is gametime! Tell your friends, maybe form a team, and compete for prizes and glory! :)