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[HLL] Scoreboard / Schedule- Season XXXI

Started by hitman, 19-09-2017, 02:50:30 PM

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Welcome to the Season XXXI of the HLL.

We got 10 registered players. This means we are playing 4 rounds of swiss followed by a T4.

Pairings Round 1:

   Vazdru      1-2      K0d03e4st   
   Piepser      2-1      dsck   
   Payron      0-2      Iulus   
   Firestarter      2-1      Silberhase   
   derStefan82      1-2      TaZi   

Pairings Round 2:

   K0d03e4st      2:1      Iulus   
   firestarter    2:0      Piepser   
   TaZi      2:0      Payron   
   Vazdru      0:2      Silberhase   
   dsck      1:2      derStefan82   

Pairings Round 3:

   TaZi      0-2      firestarter   
   K0d03e4st    1-2      Silberhase   
   Piepser      2-0      Payron   
   derStefan82      2-0      Iulus   
   Vazdru      2-0      bye   

Pairings Round 4:

   firestarter      0 - 0      K0d03e4st   
   TaZi    2 - 0      Piepser   
   Silberhase      2 - 0      derStefan82   
   Vazdru      0 - 0      Iulus   

Standings after Round 4:

   firestarter      10   
   Silberhase      9   
   TaZi      9   
   K0d013e4st      7   
   derStefan82      6   
   Piepser      6   
   Vazdru      4   
   Iulus      4   
   Payron      0   
   dsck      0   

Semi Finals:

   firestarter      -      K0d013e4st   
   Silberhase      -      TaZi   

This round ends: Dec. 17th at 9pm.

Please remember to update Cockatrice to the newest version. If you have any questions feel free to ask via message, but please take Vazdru bcc to ensure a fast answer.

Have fun!


Quote from: hitman on 19-09-2017, 02:50:30 PM

This round ends: Okt. 1st at 9pm.

TaZi used his vacation time
round ends 08.10.17, 21.00 CET

@ derStefan82
TaZi is back Oct. 1st but probably a bit jet-lagged
Far below the earth
Where the demons hunt the souls of those that sleep
In the city of the Vazdru and the Drin
Where the black flame burns inside the palace fountain.


Vazdru (Sultai Combo Oath) - K0d013e4st (RDW)

G1:I won the the Roll and start with figure which he countered with misstepp.
   I wasted his Usea and added a Goblin Guide.
   T3 he Spell Snared my Eidolon
   He didnt find a answer for my goblin he had to play Damnation for my Creatures
   (added a cackler one round before).But he was on 6 so my direct Damage won me the Game.

G2:We both mulled to 6. I hold Mountain/Wasteland Hand. He Starts with Dark Ritual into Hymn
   and hits my Mountain. I didnt draw a Mountain for the next few turns. After he added oath
   and 5 Lands in play i conceed

G3:I got him very fast to 1 Life (with Mishara in Play) He had a Wasteland for my Mishra with allrdy
   a Lili in Play + counter for my last Burn Spell.The Next Round he tutored for Zuran Orb.
   I added a Cursed Scroll which was perfect when i would drew some useless Mountains.
   But i just draw haste creatures and burn spells so i won in the long run because he didnt found any way
   to turn the Game into his favor.

Thanks for the Games!


Iulus (Gw-Eldrazi-Stompy) inspired by Maqi
Payron (Reanimator)

g1: Payron won the roll and has to go down to 6 and keeps a one-lander. Iulus started with Dryad Arbor which got bolted. Payron added Wasteland to Volcanic Island and played Merchant Scroll for Mystical Tutor T2. Iulus played Eldrazi Temple. As Payon had also only two lands he denied to waste the Temple and countered Iulus' T3 Voyaging Satyr with Spell Snare. Now Payron's hand looked like: Mystical, Woodfall Primus, Rune-Scarred Demon, Grave Titan and Iona !! which would have probably gg when hitting the board. Iulus played T4 Selvala, Payron eot Tutor for Faithless Looting. Looting found Drowned Catacombs but Sphinx of Uthuun instead of a reanimation spell which was badly needed. Iona + Demon went to gy. Iulus played Scavenging Ooze which ended in Payron's concession.

g2: Payron played Gemstone Mine T1 and Thoughtseized himself: Woodfall Primus to gy, Revealing Dance of the Dead + 2 Islands + Linvala, the Preserver. Iulus kept hand with 4 lands, voyaging Satyr, Into the North and Scavengiung Ooze after Freemulligan. Fortunately for Iulus he had a Fetchland T1, which made Payron slowplay T2 and waiting for another. Payron found Fecthland for Badlands and played Duress and got Into the North as only target and then added Woodfall Primus but as Iulus had 2 fetchlands Primus couldn't attack Iulus manabase which would have probably gg in this situation. So T3 Iulus played Knight of the Reliquary. Payron untapped Primus and attack for 7 (Iulus on 11 lp), Iulus used Kngiht for Wasteland and added Eye of Ugin, Elf and Voyaging Satyr. Payron denied to untap Primus which would have killed Gemstone mine but found Animate Dead and Faitless Looting from the top into preordain into Watery Grave into Animate Dead for Linvala which added another Angel for 7 flying Power and an empty hand. Iulus played another Forest, Knight found Cradle, Voyaging Satyr untapped Cradle for 6 Mana + Manaelf + 2 other lands and Eye of Ugin which was enough to play Emrakul the Promised End. In Payron's turn Primus stayed tapped, he got Brainstorm which revealed Izzet Charm (which can't be played), a land on the top and Frantic Search on second from the to. Emrakul killed attacking Angel. In his turn Payron attacked with Primus so Iulus was down to 4 but won with counter-attack.  
Far below the earth
Where the demons hunt the souls of those that sleep
In the city of the Vazdru and the Drin
Where the black flame burns inside the palace fountain.


Firestarter - Silberhase 2:1

Reports follow


TaZi 2 - 1 DerStefan82

Report follows soon


@ dsck, Piepser

gameday this Sunday, 9 pm CET
Far below the earth
Where the demons hunt the souls of those that sleep
In the city of the Vazdru and the Drin
Where the black flame burns inside the palace fountain.



dsck UGrb Scapeshift 1-2 Piepser BUG Reanimator

G1 He has turn 1 Careful Study (bin Sheoldred + Grisel), turn 2 Lim Duls Vault, turn 3 Exhume. I find no disruption and cant find Scapeshift in time.

G2 I Slowly build my mana while I have Scapeshift in hand, he durdles and does find reanimation spell too slowly and chooses Iona on green, but I had Venser for it and Scapeshift after untapping.

G3 I flood/relied on Treasure Cruise, Piepser has decently fast Griselbrand with some disruption
dsck90 on cockatrice


Firestarter (Academy) - Silberhase (Discard, use the Grave, aggro) 2-1

In Game 1 I took free Mulligan and had a risky hand with only one Land but quit powerful. He opened up with Werebear into the new Olivia into Mindwrack Demon and i Drew no other land...

Game 2 started with Workshop, one egg, Candelabra into Memory Jar. Turn 3 I cracked Jar after playing Tolarian Academy.
He scooped when I bounced all his permanents.

In game 3 I had a good hand with Mystical for Crop rotation, some fast mana artifacts and Winter Orb.
Pore over Pages found some eggs into Trinket Mage. Expedition Map found Inventors' Fair, which gave me Jar. The Jarturn was powerful, he also had only one Critter. Tezzeret the Seeker ended the Game after I Slavered him.
Good Games!



Silberhase (Jund Madness) - Vazdru (Sultai Combo Oath) 2:0

Game 1: I was on the play and Gerry started t1 with raven's crime, where I had to discard fliplilly. I had a t2 Smuggler's Copter, but my t3 Satyr wayfinder was remanded. Next turn i played Wayfinder again and Copter was killed by Fatal Push. Gerry now played Crucible and retraced his Raven's Crime, where I could discard my dead Fatal Push. Next round he played again Crime and countered my Grisly Salvage in response. So I discarded my Stromkirk Occultist and played him for madness. Gerry played another Crime for my last card, but I had lightning bolt and still a red mana available. On my turn i raised my opponent and Stromkirk Occultist revealed a Scarab Feast, who could exile Gerry's lands in the Graveyard. Finally he got no answer for my threads.

Game 2: I had to mull to 6 and Gerry opened the game with a t1 Inquisition and discarded my Lilly of the Veil. I had no 1-drop but a t2 Collective Brutaly, which was countered by Swan Song. On t3 Gerry responded with Shadow of Doubt to my fetchland, so I could only play Tormenting Voice (discarded Neonate). Then Gerry played Merchant Scroll for Intuition and I played Wayfinder in my turn. Next turn I played Miasmic Mummy. In response Gerry played Intuition for Loam (although he had no green mana), Wasteland and Forbidden Orchard and discarded the given Loam into the Mummy while i discarded Haunted Dead. Then he played Thoughtseize discarded my Hazoret and also played Damnation. Now I played Olivia, Mobilized for War. Gerry played Demonic Tutor into Lilly of the Veil and I had to sac my Olivia. On his next turn, he chose not to up lilly and only said go and I took eot Haunted Dead from graveyard with discarding Fliplilly and Bloodhall Priest. The spirit token killed lilly and I played Asylum Visitor. On my next turn he played Mystic Confluence for bouncing my Haunted Dead and Asylum Visitor and drawing a card and I replayed Haunted Dead (hardcast). Finally he got no answer for my Haunted Dead and two spirit tokens.


Quote from: hitman on 19-09-2017, 02:50:30 PM

This round ends: Okt. 22nd at 9pm.

K0d013e4st used his vacation time
round ends 29.10.17, 21.00 CET
Far below the earth
Where the demons hunt the souls of those that sleep
In the city of the Vazdru and the Drin
Where the black flame burns inside the palace fountain.


Firestarter - Piepser 2 - 0

Game 1 I had my Staff of Domination which controlled his only Creature. I played Mindslaver which killed him (Demonic Consultation (Mountain Goat))
Game 2 I played Upheaval after Memory Jar on 1 Life. This was close.

Thanks for the Games!


Iulus (Gw-Eldrazi-Stompy) - K0d013e4st (RDW)


g1: i won the roll and start with Zurgo into Marauders which got blocked by one of his two elves. t3 i magma jet
     his other elve and kept the pressure on.He added a grim Monolith and another elve. i added a goblin guide
     and a Guttersnipe.He puts Conduit of Ruin and the next turn a Worldbreaker onto the battlefiled.
     The next turn i won with fireblast.

G2: a early channel into Kozilek including a dromokas command for my burn spell won him the game

g3:I start with Maniac which got blocked by his elve the next turn.I added a shrine which he couldnt
   handle and won me the game together with some burn spells.

Thanks for the Games