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Discord Server for European Highlander

Started by Tabris, 11-10-2017, 10:57:39 PM

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since we are all living in 2017 and the canadians have it too, I thought of creating our own discord channel for all highlander things related. Its not a replacement for the fb-groups or forums but rather a place to quickly exchange ideas, just talk or arrange games on cockatrice (and of course memes). If you have any ideas for more specific voice- and/or textchannels (city specific channels) just put them in here. If thats only a fancy tool for all the lonely no-lifer out there, we can drop it later but I am eager to see if we as a community maybe have a use for it.

For everyone who doesnt know what it is. Think of it as a mixture of group Skype with chatroom, voice, screensharing and a lot more. Its free and also usable on mobile

Here is the link to the server