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Report Volcano Caup [28 players]

Started by Payron, 25-02-2018, 09:51:36 PM

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Hey guys,

I finaly found some time to give you some insight to the volcano cup.

Standings after swiss:

Place      Name        Deck                 Points
1Stefan S.Sultai Oath Combo13
2Philip E.Dimir Control11
3Markus G.Pattern Rector11
4Kai T.Izzet Control11
5Jan D.Abzan Midrang10
6Gerry S.Dimir Combo Control10
7Manuel H.Gruul Midrange10
8Alexander B.Patter Rector9
9Fabian M.5c Reanimator9
10Xiaoliang Y.Jeskai Control9
11Jan M.4c (w/o W) Scapeshift9
12Fabian B.Naya Aggr9
13Robert F.Abzan Midrange9
14Alexander R.Esper Planswalker7
15Florian K.Azorius Skies7
16Daniel S.RDW6
17Bernhard F.Grixis Control6
18Hüseyin B.Abzan Midrange6
19Max H.Grixis Midrange6
20Manuel M.Gruul Midrange6
21Thomas S.4c (w/o R) Reanimator6
22Paul W.4c Blood6
23Georg B.4c Blood6
24Axel H.Abzan Midrange4
25Christian G.Izzet Control3
26Thomas H.Izzet Control3
27Justus H.4c (w/o G) Midrange3
28Sebastian R.5c Hermit0

Metagame breakdown:

Abzan Midrange4
Izzet Control3
Dimir Control2
4c Blood2
Gruul Midrange2
Pattern Rector2
4c (w/o G) Midrange1
Hermit combo1
Azorius Skies1
Esper Control1
Grixis Control1
Grixis Midrange1
Jeskai Control1
Naya Aggro1


Combo Control3
Midrange Combo2
Aggro Control1

Top 8 Brackets:

Quarter Finals:

Stefan s. - Sultai Oath Combo
Alexander B. - Pattern Rector

Kai T. - Izzet Control
Jan D. - Abzan Midrange

Markus G. - Pattern Rector
Gerry S. - Dimir Combo Control

Philip E. - Dimir Control
Manuel H. - Gruul Midrange

Semi Finals:

Stefan s. - Sultai Oath Combo
Kai T. - Izzet Control

Gerry S. - Dimir Combo Control

Philip E. - Dimir Control


Stefan s. - Sultai Oath Combo
Philip E. - Dimir Control

Top 8 lists: