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Learn-mechanic in highlander?

Started by Wasser, 23-04-2021, 10:37:05 AM

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My basic question for the community is:
How we want to deal with the learn mechanic?
My oppinion:
Dont ignore it - lets find a way to play with it.


As with Companions, same applies to Learn mechanic: Highlander does not have a sideboard, which Learn requires. We should not make an exception to this rule because of Learn. If you want to play Learn, you'll have to convince the community to adopt sideboards.


What a comment. I respect as a good player and a brigth mind. But what kind of post
is that?
You state the obvoious to another player who is one of the first 20 ever playing Highlander on this planet.
Yes...thats eactly what I want. I want innovation.
My highlanderformat was once the most innovative formate there was. And now comments like that.
We dont have sideboards! Period.
Is that all whats left. I was one of the first germans playing in Helsinki my favorite format while working at the goetheinstitue. I was hungry for new ideas and found fellows left and rigth.
Where is that spirit?
Its boring to see the same people discussing that bannedlist up and down.
My last Idea was never talked about is still good. Allow a one card Sideboard.
I will not cost any time to sidebord. And could activate a range of cards that are previousl dead.
One card is highlanderflavoured. And yes this idea has flaws, but I at least bring an inovative spirit and
a idea as a starting point.
I am part of the community and as that I heavyly asked all the silent people out there (and the council) to bring fresh and good ideas how the want to play highlander. And we try to make it work somehow.


Quote from: WasserMy last Idea was never talked about is still good. Allow a one card Sideboard.

I haven't seen this idea of yours. Could you elaborate on it, what are the potential pros/cons of it and what else than Learn-mechanic are you set to solve with it?


Different idea:
lets collect top 10 ideas to innovate the format (in a given time lets say 1 month).
Lets give a smal honor or price out (I prefer a non pecunious one like name it after the inovators - sorenson mull - in canlander) 
Watering down to the top five.
And do it!... for half a year and one tournament.
Just do it. 
Then lets talk, what to keep and what to dump.

(no offence by the way - I just dont want what sturmgott did once not go to waste)


Hi all, I wanna say that adding sideboardcards is certainly interesting, but is such a fundamental change, that its not the first thing that comes to my mind in terms of improving the format.

We already have countless strategic decisions to make with deckbuilding, so adding another dimension seems pretty unnecessary to me.

My top 10 innovations:
Come chat, test, play (in) online (tournaments) with the rest of us.
10 times.

We urgently need more active players right now, or even more people are going to lose interest.

That being said, new ideas are vital to the community and everybodys input is of course greatly appreciated.