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Let's make new Mechanics usable

Started by Myscah, 07-07-2021, 06:48:59 PM

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Due to the fact we are not using any sideboard we miss out several mechanics "Enter a dungeon" and "learn".
In my opinion none of them are overpowered  or would break the Format.
To evolve Highlander Magic I suggest we would give way for another special zones for dungeon and learn cards.

This cards should be seen as created tokens and not actual cards, so we still have a hundred singelton.

I play Highlander since 1994 and see lately the opportunity for this format to evolve without having to fear to wreck itself.

I hope you are considering this idea and disuss it.
I excited to read your replies.

BR Myscah


Thanks for the feedback.

Regarding the Learn-mechanic: This has been asked previously and we weren't interested in at that time to change the rules and introducing sideboards into Highlander. Mind that this is also in line with other formats without sideboards. See and

As for Dungeons: Based on what is known now of the mechanic, I don't see a reason why Dungeons couldn't be used. The key phrase here is this from that linked video: "Now Dungeons. They don't go into the deck. You can keep them in your sideboard, but, and this is important, they don't take sideboard slots. You just have access to them. And you bring them in to the game when you venture into the dungeon."

Commander, where sideboards are also not permitted, has landed into similar conclusions:

QuoteI hope you are considering this idea and disuss it.

I'll make sure there's an announcement regarding this, and while waiting for the official rules on Dungeons, I opened a discussion point on this on the council boards. They'll chime in on there, if not here.

What I said above, is just my personal opinion.