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Started by Horse, 23-04-2008, 03:47:04 AM

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i was under the impreesion that highlander was more of a super-casual, unofficial format with no real tournaments or anything.  my friends & i have been playing for quite a while now, although we play with different rules.

we play 250-card minimum, with the usual one-of-each-card rule that makes the game so great.  we also play with a minimum of 20 cards of each color in each deck.  the biggest difference is that we ante, but it's more of a "fun ante".  if you lose something you don't want to give away, then you can owe the other guy a booster pack instead.  OR if you've won something from him in the alst few games that he wants back, then you can trade & both get your cool stuff back.  the catch is, if you lose something then you have to sign it, and players can play any signed cards in their deck without them counting against the highlander rule.  i once had 4 search for tomorrows in my deck lol.  but if you sign something away, then you're not allowed to play that card any more unless you win it back.

also, our banned list is very short.  coalition victory, gifts ungiven, grim reminder, bringer of the black dawn.

obviously for a more official, tournament-playable format, the normal rules posted here work better than ours, but i'm wondering, does anybody out there play like we do?  we certainly didn't invent it, but somebody must have, so theoretically, the answer is yes, but are they on this message board?  just wondering.


your not the first person that play 250 cards and the 20 of each color rules.

however i prefer this one, there is a wider variety of decks (monocolor for example).


yeah, the normal highlander games do get a little old.  pretty much a race to see who gets their mana base up first.  but we have fun.

we (the group i play with) just found out about elder dragon higlander at the shadowmoor prerelease.  we're gonna try that out for a while.  it should provide some neat new decks.


Sounds funny, but I've never tried. This kind of Highlander seems not much popular in Germany. Shuffling 250 cards sounds hard for me btw. ;)

Ever tried Two-Headed-Giant-Highlander (200 Cards, one-of-each-card) or a Random-Partner-Team-Highlander -> much fun is guaranteed.

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