The Council

The Council currently consists of these people who are responsible for the care and maintenance of the format.
The members of the Council can be contacted in the following ways:
FB: Official Highlander Facebook Group


First Name: Gerry

Country: Germany

City: Karlsruhe

Born: 1975

Started with Highlander: 1994 (First Tournament at Thoule Vereinsheim in Karlsruhe)

First Highlander: Artifacts feat. Triskelion, Tetravus, Tawnos’s Coffin, Obelisk of Undoing, Icy Manipulator and Clockwork Avian

Favourite Playstyle: Combo-Control

Favourite Card(s): Birds of Paradise, Mental Misstep


First Name: Tuomas

Country: Finland

City: Helsinki

Born: 1982

Started with Highlander: ~2004 with mtgplay, then later on octgn. (First Tournament at Ropecon 2007)

First Highlander: UG Madness

Favourite Playstyle: Everything goes, maybe less pure Control due to Format’s inherent Time constraint.

Favourite Card(s): Everything with cool Art and before new World Order, Camouflage was nice


First Name: Dalibor

Country: Slovakia

City: Senec

Born: 1979

Started with Highlander: ~2005 (I don’t remember the Year)

First Highlander: UG Midrange with Opposition

Favourite Playstyle: Midrange

Favourite Card(s): Firestorm, Walking Ballista


First Name: Matthias

Country: Austria

City: Vienna

Born: 1989

Started with Highlander: 2015 (Thanks Richi!)

First Highlander: Academy (although a pretty horrible Version)

Favourite Playstyle: I like to change which kind of deck I am playing from time to time, but I mostly play Combo and rarely touch pure Aggro.

Favourite Card(s): Chameleon Colossus, Tolarian Academy


First Name: Max

Country: Germany

City: Erfurt

Born: 1991

Started with Highlander: ~2014 after the Highlander Players in our LGS asked me to build a Deck for the 246th time

First Highlander: Grixis Control

Favourite Playstyle: Tempo and Control

Favourite Card(s): Notion Thief, Baleful Strix, Gush


First Name: Sebastian

Country: Germany

City: Leonberg (close to Stuttgart)

Born: 1985

Started with Highlander: 2007 (when Standard became too boring and a certain fancy for foils kicked in ^^)

First Highlander: RWG aggro feat. naya guildmage and other commons. The rule was: foils only!

Favourite Playstyle: Whatever wins (either aggressive decks or 1-card combo decks like Scapeshift, Dream Halls or Upheaval)

Favourite Card(s): Everything foil with an old border (honorable mentions to my Memory Jar, Grim Monolith, Academy Rector, Gaea’s Cradle, Treachery, Necropotence)


First Name: Marvin

Country: Germany

City: Berlin

Born: 1986

Started with Highlander: ~2009

First Highlander: GW-Aggro (adapted from my Sisay EDH)

Favourite Playstyle: Aggro / Midrange

Favourite Card(s): Survival of the Fittest, Gaea’s Cradle, Scryb Ranger, Radiant, Archangel